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Win Programming
Windows Internals for Developers
Windows XP / W2K3 WDM Device Driver Development - Basic
NDIS 5 Windows-Network-Driver-Development
Advanced WPF
Windows XP/W2K3 Server WDM Device Driver Development - Advanced (Plug'n'Play, Power Management and WMI)
Windows Driver Foundation: KMDF Device Driver Development Course 1 – Basics
Windows Internals
Developing Windows 64 High-Performance Concurrent Applications
Developing Win32/64 Concurrent Applications Targeting Multi-Core
AdvWPF - Version: 2
Advanced WPF
3 days course
This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills architecting and developing Advanced WPF applications and infrastructures. In this course students will have best practices and learn how to build custom controls, work with resources, manipulate the logical and visual tree, trace and debug, design with the famous MVVM pattern, create advanced data binding, interop with other UI technologies, create UI and data virtualization and profile and enhance WPF application performance. The course is packed with code samples, demos, exercises and labs, to facilitate understanding Advanced WPF-based UI applications design concepts, development and best practices.
Developers with working knowledge of WPF
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