Software Testing Solutions

SELA Testing provides unique solutions being the only testing solutions house providing services to the industry (both to Hi-Tech and IT organizations) and private sectors. The services are:


Consulting –

Local Consultants: We have consultants, with years of experience that are offered to our customers in different areas of testing: test design, test management, defect management, testing process, test planning, test automation, testing organization and team building,  test estimation, risk based testing, performance, tools selection and evaluation, exploratory testing (agile methods), inspections, reviews, Quality Assurance, CMMI and more.

International Speakers & Consultants: We are working with consultants around the world in different areas; among them is Mr. Rex Black (USA), Dr. Lawrence Day (USA), Mrs. Johanna Rothman (USA), Mr. Hans Schaefer (Norway), Mr. Tim Koomen (Netherlands), Mr. James Bach (USA), Mrs. Dorothy Graham (UK), Mr. Steve Allott (UK), Mr. Andy Redwood (UK).


We are organizing CONCEPT months and other testing-specific seminars during the year, where trainers from Israel and from the world (mentioned above), train test engineers, test managers, testing team leaders, quality experts and quality managers in different levels (beginners, advance, expert), on software testing and quality assurance topics.


Outsourcing –

Experienced test professionals (engineers, team leaders, managers) and STE Program "STAR" graduates (see STE program below) are available through SELA testing to our customers. All our test professionals are ISTQB - Certified Tester (International Software Qualification Board).


Our support for these is the most extensive in the market today:

  • Internet Discussion Group and direct line with Alon Linetzki, senior consultant and head of the Testing Solutions & Training division in SELA,
  • Round Table Professional Discussions – A few times a year our projects testing engineers meet a testing expert (usually an international expert) for an evening about hot testing topics, and are able to get the most difficult and challenging questions answered.
  • Enhanced Professional Development Program – free access to SELA technology and professional courses.
  • Professional Coaching (assisting in professional issues on our employees projects),
  • Methodology DB (including templates, case studies, presentations, white papers, etc') that our employees can access,
  • All our test engineers are going to be ISTQB Certified Tester – Foundation Level.


Coming soon is the availability of added-value tools, developed in SELA Testing, to support our projects employees. The tools are in test management, test design and scope, test planning, etc'. Our projects testing employees will have the right to exercise those tools in their designated projects for our customers.



Training for Hi tech and IT sector  

We are launching new courses in testing, among them: ¥ Test Automation for Managers (with Mr. Stephen K. Allott and Mr. Alon Linetzki), ¥ Embedded Systems Testing (with Hans Schaefer), ¥ Risk Based Testing, ¥ Performance & Load testing Expert, ¥ Testing Leaders, ¥ Advanced Test Engineering and more. That is on top of the already existing courses we run in the market: ¥ Managing the Testing Process, ¥ Testing Engineers Foundation (the course was accredited by ISTQB - and recognized by ITCB – Israeli Testing Certification Board, - as an accredited preparation course for the ISTQB-Certified Tester, Foundation Level), ¥ Testing Internet and Web Applications, ¥ Unit Test for Programmers, including XUnit (NUnit, CppUnit, JUnit) tools and TeamSystem (MS-VS2005) courses, ¥ Software Inspections (with Dr. Lawrence E. Day), ¥ Agile Inspections (with Dr. Lawrence E. Day), ¥  Measurements & Metrics (with Dr. Lawrence E. Day)


We built SELA Testing to be a Testing Knowledge Center. This concept is based on professional expertise and projects support we provide to our customer. We have divided the SELA Testing training into 3 main professional tracks:

  • Test Engineering (technical),
  • Test Automation,
  • Test Management & Leadership.

In each track we offer the market/industry several courses in the levels of basic and advanced (in some we provide expert level as well), using different skills and tools. We try that all courses will focus on the idea of "hands-on" experience, using single/group exercises and assisting/leading tools in the industry.


Software Testing Engineer Program – STE®

We initiated the most intensive testing knowledge transfer program called STE® (few programs are available which are: half and one whole year long). Its goal is to train excellent test engineers, with market-demand skills, after a period of a few months.


The courses topics in the program were carefully selected, and reviewed by Rex Black, and a few other leading test managers in the industry.


During the course, we integrated the Test Engineering Foundation course, which means that students take the ISTQB exam and are certified as ISTQB-Certified Tester Foundation Level – CTFL®. The certification is recognized in 28 countries (growing every quarter…) around the world, among them: Canada, USA, India, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, Brazil, Latin America, etc'.


Practical Project – Only in STE®: The STE® program includes a full real-life testing project that is conducted through 10 weekly meetings of 3-4 hours each, plus a few dozens of hour's preparations at home. The project consists of two main parts: ¥ Preparation & Analysis, ¥ Execution & Summary.


During the project, students experience hands-on with the test management tool – QualityCenter (by Mercury), analyzing software design document, writing test requirements, creating test cases, participating in a simulated status meeting, and analyzing defect reports. Students write testing documents, such as STP, STD, STR, Bug Report, and learn about the "what" and "how" of these deliverables.


International operation

SELA Testing is also working in the international arena. We have established a branch in India (Pune) to handle our training and off-shore testing operations, and cooperation in Russia to handle our off-shore testing operation.


Both our Canadian and Indian branches are official accreditated from ISTQB and issue the ISTQB-CTFL/CTAL certifications.


We also started our outsourcing in Singapore. For those centers we are using either the international consultants/trainers or locals.


Testing Community Support

SELA is the main founder and Support Company for the SIGiST Israel – the Israeli Testing Community Forum. SIGiST Israel was established on the year 2000 by Mr. Alon Linetzki, who is now the manager of the Testing activities in SELA Technology Center.


SELA is committed to support the SIGiST to come alive again, to be the platform for young test engineers, test leaders and test managers, to assist them in discussing challenges and receiving possible solutions to their problems.


SIGiST Israel website is soon to be operative at:



CaseMaker® – Test Design Optimization Tool

SELA Testing is representing Diaz & Hilterscheid in Germany with their Test Design Optimization product. This tool is complementary to test director and other test management tools, and includes a unique implementation of test design techniques – such as Equivalence Partitioning, Cause-effect, Boundary Values Analysis, All-Pairs (Orthogonal Arrays) – inside the test cases generation engine.


This is also the only tool in the world to implement Risk Based Testing in the element level – the lowest testing element possible – so that management can produce risk based testing view of the project/product they are creating, and prioritize their testing accordingly.


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