Talent Solutions

Increasing attrition levels is one of the major concerns of the global IT industry and this is a major reality in India as well.Talent is scarce and retainable talent even more so.This has serious repercussions on performance and eventually has a snowball effect in business in terms of delivery of products and services.


Today the companies operating in India are truly national and international brands in themselves that  need high calibre resources who will stay over an extended period of time.


Sela has successfully offered different models as solutions to manpower acquisition and retention.These are cost effective models that do away with lengthy, time cosuming processes and reduce our clients’s  overheads.


Our Multiple Solutions for the Industry Needs :

·        LTR – Locate, Train and Recruit

·        LTOR – Locate, Train, Outsource and Recruit

·        Diamond

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Diamond Program

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